Tips for Taking Your Child for a Pediatric Dental Checkup!

Your child should have his/her first dental checkup by the age of one. Parents often wrongly assume that visiting a pediatric dentist is about fixing a dental concern. Regular dental checkups are critical for your child’s oral health and the development of teeth. If you are in Flagstaff, Arizona, check for top pediatric dentists like Dr. Bryan Shanahan, with years of experience behind them. In this post, we are sharing more on finding a pediatric dentist and taking your child for their first checkup. 

Know Your Dentist

Pediatric dentistry is an advanced branch of dental science, and obviously, you need a trained and skilled dentist. Check online for reviews of top pediatric dentists in your area, or ask fellow parents for references. When you visit a pediatric dental clinic, ask questions related to the background and experience of the dental surgeon or dentist. 

Check the Environment

Even adults are often apprehensive about visiting a dentist. The whole idea of sitting in a chair with your mouth wide open can be frightening. While your kid needs to know what the appointment is all about (if your child is a little grown-up), you have to also consider the environment of the dental clinic. Many pediatric dental clinics have fun activities and a more welcoming environment for kids. Besides the dentist, the staff at the clinic must be experienced with kids. 

Focus on Preventive Dental Care

While a pediatric dentist is expected to offer restorative and orthodontic care, make sure that the focus remains on preventive dental care. As the child starts understanding the importance of dental care, take them to the dentist, so that they learn the basic things. This includes simple things about oral hygiene and dental care, like brushing and blushing. Also, ask the pediatric dentist about products that your child can use.

Talk to Your Child

Prepping your kid for a dental appointment is important. Try a more relaxed and fun way of introducing them to dental checkups. Your child may have questions, so make sure that you answer them, and don’t talk of anything negative. The first appointment with a pediatric dentist should give you a fair idea of whether the child likes the dentist. Also, you can understand the approach of the dentist and their overall behavior and work with your child. 

Don’t delay in seeking the first pediatric dental appointment. If you missed a checkup after the first year, make it a priority for the next year.  

Post Author: Connor Robert