Purchasing a Stair Lift

When you need a stair lift for long-term use, your best option is to purchase one instead of renting. These permanent stair lifts are great for:

  • The elderly
  • Those with many flights of stairs
  • People with physical disabilities

If you’re looking for a stair lift for sale in Solihull, you’ve got a few options.

Used Stair Lifts

When someone purchases a stair lift and moves to a single story home, they’ll no longer need that equipment. You can purchase the stair lift and its hardware from them.

You can find used stair lifts by asking around your neighbourhood, or you can browse online marketplaces.

Most stair lift retailers also sell used stair lifts, but they may not be covered by a warranty or service contract like a new stair lift.

New Stair Lifts

Who doesn’t love new things? It’s nice to own something that no one else has ever had claim to.

New stair lifts give you the peace of mind that the equipment will not malfunction, and you’ll get to enjoy it much longer than if it were used previously.

Stair lift manufacturers offer warranties on new lifts. Most stair lift retailers also provide service contracts for free or low cost on new lift purchases. This means that in the unfortunate event your stair lift malfunctions, or you damage it, the company will come out and make any necessary repairs.

To decide whether a used or new stair lift is right for you, look into your wallet. Used stair lifts cost less than new ones, but new ones will provide you with a longer service life. The cost of replacing a used stair lift could make purchasing a new one worthwhile.

Post Author: Connor Robert