Parents Advice: Picking a New School in the Middle of a Pandemic

Finding a new school for your kid during the pandemic is not easy. Depending on where you are, the schools could be closed because of Covid-19. If schools are closed, there is no point in worrying or getting annoyed about the situation. All you can do is your best and use what is available to you. Here are some excellent tips on how to choose a school during a pandemic.

Confirm Current Restrictions – If you have no kids in school at the moment, you probably will not know much about the restrictions that are currently in place. While looking for public, private, or international schools, make sure you are up to date with the current regulations. Schools with their own websites like usually have lots of information online. You can visit these sites to see what is going on in the school and how they are dealing with the pandemic. Before you pick a school, do your research to learn more about the present situation.

Supporting New Students – Many schools will not have the resources in place to support international students who arrive at the school. This is one of the main reasons why expats choose international schools for their kids. They usually have a liaison officer who works with new arrivals. They are there to facilitate their move and help make the transition a lot easier. New students need to have emotional and social support when moving to a new environment.

Try to Experience Different Aspects of the School Environment – Because of the pandemic, many schools have closed, or some do not allow visitors at the moment. Visiting the school if it is closed should not be that difficult as there are no students in the classrooms. The only problem is that you miss out on experiencing school culture through different channels. If you are interested in a school, get in touch with their admissions department to see if you can schedule a visit and look around. Try to do it more than once to experience different aspects of the school.

Finding a new school for your child is never going to be easy during a global pandemic. If the situation seems to be under control in your area and you have the opportunity to visit the school, take it. It is the best way to experience the school and you will get to talk to teachers and students.

Post Author: Connor Robert