Introduce Your Children to The Wonderful World of Lego

Since its introduction in 1932 Lego has grown from a small Danish wooden toy supplier into the world’s largest toy company with their simple system of interlocking plastic bricks. The word Lego is from the Danish phase ‘leg godt’ meaning ‘play well’ in English but it also has multiple Latin translations including ‘I collect’ and ‘I compose’ which are particularly relevant. Lego’s retail stores and amusement parks are now dotted all of the world and their diverse range of products include their very popular Star Wars Lego and the Lego botanical collection to name just two of them.

The History of Lego

Founded by Ole Kirk Christensen Lego initially made wooden toys but after a fire in 1947 it was decided by Ole’s son Godtfred to switch to plastic products and concentrate on the Lego system of interlocking bricks. An airport was built in their hometown of Billund to facilitate the worldwide distribution and their headquarters still resides there today. The expiry of the last of Lego’s patents in 1989 has led to a range of competitors both legal and illegal offering a similar product, but Lego’s continual development and exploration of new and exciting products have meant they are the brand leader by some distance.

The Different Types of Lego

No matter what the age of your children there exists a range of Lego products that encourages learning and development. For younger builders the Lego Duplo range can fire their early imagination with simpler system that unleashes self-exploration and improves motor skills. Older children can deep dive into vast and diverse range of Lego products, movie tie-in ranges such as Batman, Harry Potter or Jurassic World are particularly popular. For budding engineers Lego Technic’s sets of challenging builds have working functions and introduce mechanisms and concepts which transfer into adult life.

Not Just for Kids

The Lego system has evolved now an amazing product with fans of all ages, Lego sets with thousands of pieces now exist for adults, the previously mentioned Star Wars range has huge designs that form the centrepiece in the homes of many Lego enthusiasts. The architecture and iconic ranges also allow the adult builder to indulge their Lego habits by creating world wonders and well-known landmarks.

No matter what your age or interests there is a suitable Lego sets for everyone, if you want to encourage growth and development for your children find your local Lego stockist today!

Post Author: Connor Robert