Donating To Arizona Nonprofit Organizations For Children In Foster Care

There was a recent report on Los Angeles Times, on how the new coronavirus pandemic is going to put new pressures on both foster children and their caregivers. These are extraordinary times, and unfortunately, the number of children in foster care is only increasing in almost every state. In Arizona, there are more than 13,000 children in foster care. While there are select nonprofit organizations that are trying to help, they are largely dependent on donations, because they don’t get any funding from state or federal government. Your help for a nonprofit organization can make a big difference. In this post, we are talking about children in foster care and how you can help.

How to donate?

Most nonprofit organizations have streamlined the process of donations, and you can get foster care tax credit for charitable contributions of up to $500, for single taxpayer. As for the amount, you can decide on that at a personal level. For instance, for a donation of $500, you can cover for tutoring for a childbelow grade level. A contribution of $100 will buy some of the basic supplies, while something as small as $50 can get a child to a theme park, where they can have some much-needed fun. Arizona organizations have been vocal about the need for donations. Considering the tough times of this pandemic, they are more likely to be under tremendous pressure.

Encourage the community

Of course, each small donation counts, and when you want to help children in foster care beyond your own financial limit, you have to consider engaging the community. Try and encourage people to donate. If they cannot donate money, ask them to give in kind. Many children in foster care don’t even have some of the basic things in life. School supplies, clothing, personal hygiene products and stationery items are required in large quantities. Also, if you can organize a fundraiser and ask people for help, try that.

The road ahead

Besides working with organizations, you can also volunteer in other ways beyond money. For instance, you can work in their offices on weekends, or even help caregivers with respite care. Our children in foster care deserve to have a normal life, and while it is impossible to cover up for parents, or their neglect (if at all, every person can help. This is a cause that should motivate us beyond tax credits and other things.

Post Author: Connor Robert