Debunking Common Myths About Divorce in Virginia

Getting divorced in Virginia doesn’t have to be complicated, provided you have good legal advice. People often have weird ideas about the process of a divorce, which inevitably gets complicated in some cases. If you want to file for divorce, you have to consider the grounds and get a reality check on various aspects that matter, such as alimony, child support, child custody, and more. The ideal step is to contact a divorce lawyer in Hampton, Virginia for consultation, so that you get genuine legal advice specific to your case. In this post, we are sharing common myths about getting a divorce in Virginia.

Virginia Divorce – No Choice but to Go to Court

It must be noted that there is what is known as being ‘separated’ in Virginia – You are either married, or divorced. Couples often may not be on talking terms, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to go to court. Working with respective lawyers and involving a mediator could be the best way to resolve these issues, because eventually, these are problems best known to the concerned couple.

Do I Lose My Property Rights If I Move Out?

No. If you are considering divorce and want to move out of the house, you will not lose any of your property rights. However, this is a big step and it is best to talk to an attorney to know if that decision is right. In  cases where a child is involved, there could be other considerations to take into account  However, with planning, these issues should be worked out during the process.

The Spouse With Debts Has to Pay It All

Virginia state laws are very specific – properties and assets that are acquired when the couple was married will be considered joint properties, and division will be done accordingly for assets and debts alike.  The title of the property or debt doesn’t matter here. It will be divided as required between both spouses.

Is Hiring a Virginia Divorce Attorney Necessary?

You have to hire an attorney for your case, especially if your spouse has hired one. You can check online to find the best Newport News divorce attorneys and discuss your case to take things further. Note that the same lawyer cannot represent both parties in a divorce case.

Do your homework and plan your divorce well to get the rights and assets you deserve from the broken marriage. Also, divorce attorneys can help you decide what’s better for your child in the long run.

Post Author: Connor Robert